Growing and picking

Now the weather has finally started to warm up we’ve been able to start sowing, growing and picking in the Berry Blue vegetable garden again. We are sowing seeds by the bucket load, from beautiful multi-coloured varieties of lettuce and herbs to beetroot, carrots and beans. Plus we’re picking rhubarb and still diving into our store of onions from our fantastic crop last year. Giant onions and beautiful shallots, we’ve got them all.

All our staff members get involved in the vegetable garden, whether chef or office staff. Last week owner Louise and marketing manager Claire went out to sow some lettuce and herb seeds in the poly tunnel.

And as ever all this delicious produce makes it’s way into our food, whether for the weddings and parties we cater for or taken to our café and bistro in Cam to be made into delicious lunch and dinner dishes.

For all you green-fingered, growing fanatics out there, here is a list of a few of the vegetables we have planted and the varieties we have chosen:


Tomatoes sown 31/3/13


All F1 Varieties. Approx 6 of each variety .


Mosaico (Moles)


Grande (Moles)


Big Red (Moles)


Season Red (Moles)


Mandurio (Moles)


Tropical Ruby (Moles)


Golden Gem (Moles)


Shirley (Moles)


Ambrosia (Moles)


Sweet Million (Johnsons)


Basil 31/3/13


Dark Opal (Coltivare)


Thai Siam (Coltivare)


A Foglie di lattuga (Franchi)


Verde a piccolo folglie (Franchi)


Peppers (Hot) 1/4/13


Big Jim (Moles)


Gusto Green (F1) (Moles)


Rodeo (F1) (Moles)


Peppino Ibrido (F1) (Golden Line)


Hungarian Hot Wax (Wilko)


Cayenne (Wilko)


Rokia (Wilko)


Fresno (Wilko)


Peppers (Sweet) 1/4/13


Corno Giallo (Franchi)


Corno Rosso (Franchi)


Gemini (Gro-Sure)


Friggitello (Franchi)


Quadrato D’Asto Rosso (Franchi)


Lettuce 31/3/13


Romaine (Taste of Italy)


Lollo Rosso (Taste of Italy)


Little Gem (Marshalls (old seed))


Winter Squash 31/3/13


Turks Turban (Moles)(6)


Uchiki Kuri (Moles)(6)


Waltham Butternut (Moles) (12)


Aubergine 1/4/13


Violetta Lunga 2 (Franchi)


Violetta di Firenze (Italian Kitchen)


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